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Happy Mom&Baby Company

No.1 Brand of Stretch Marks Product In Korea.

Only One Ferment Herb Cosmeceuticals.

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PLAGENTRA White Mark Series

Improve the stretch marks, skin texture, tone, elasticity and keep moisture continuously also, can expect the additional slimming effecton covering parts.
can appeal the verified effect through the clinical test had done by “ElleadSkin & Bio Research (laboratory)” for stretch marks, elasticity, density, swelling relief.

PLAGENTRA Face Care Series

-Toner: soothing effect for exhausted skin
-Emulsion: soothing and keeping a balance of oil and moist
-Serum: soothing, toning, nutrition supply and moisturizing effects
-Cream: soothing and moisturizing effect
-Suncity Cream: soothing, nutrition supply and UV block effects
-BB cream: UV block, whitening and improving wrinkle 

PLAGENTRA Belly Series

-Premium’ product upgraded with C•A PHARM’s decade knowhow
-Ecocert-certified ingredients (argania spinosa kernel oil, sunflower seed oil)
-Scientific management system by pregnancy stage and season
-Highly moisturizing PGA contained (100 times greater than collagen)
-without 5 hazardous ingredients : paraben, phenoxyethanol, chemical alcohol, artificial pigment and perfume

Plagentra Intensive Care Series

Herb Solution for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Plagentra Baby Moisturizing Series

-Natural herbal ingredients (8 types) contained
-Highly moisturizing PGA contained (100 times greater than collagen)
-No FOUR hazardous ingredients: Paraben, chemical alcohol, benzophenone, artificial color


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