Before using your electric breastpump, disassemble, wash and sterilize all parts of the Expression Collection Combo Kit.

Can all the parts be washed and sterilized?

•Yes, except the diaphragm,  bladder cap and the air tubing. If you wash the cap, please make sure there is no water in the cap. Pull the cap plug and let dry completely.

•NOTE: Do not sterilize diaphragm diaphragm,  bladder cap and the air tubing


If there is low or no suction

•Check all connections if they are all properly attached at all connection points

•Check the valve membrane if it is sealed securely and flat on the valve body

•Hold the breast shield, not the connector or bottle, while pumping

•Check whether the cap plug is seated properly

•Check whether the tubing isn’t bent and no water is in the tubing

•Ensure breast shield forms a complete seal around the breast

The pump does not turn on

•Check if the adapter, power socket and USB port of the pump unit is connected in place

•Check if the wall socket outlet is live

Milk backflow

•If milk or water is found in the bladder/ diaphragm or tubing, please rinse the tubing with clean hot water. Hang to AIR DRY COMPLETELY BEFORE USING. Check also if diaphragm is good and not broken

The pump becomes wet

•Unplug the main adapter from outlet

•Switch off the pump

•Do not place the pump upside down. Control panel must point upwards

•Store the pump in a dry, warm place for 24 hours


•Do not expose pump to direct sunlight

•Do not accelerate drying process by using heat